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              Before Treatment                                  After Invisalign Treatment             Immediately After Chair Side Bonding 

Our lovely Patient had Invisalign Clear Braces done at her previous dental office. After the Invisalign treatment was completed she was still not happy with the residual spacing, crowding and the shape and size of the teeth due to the years of grinding. This Patient started with whitening treatment prior to the bonding being done. The chair-side direct resin bonding was done without any anesthesia. 

              Before Treatment                                               After Chair Side Bonding

The Patient wanted to restore the chipping, the deep recession areas and improve coloring. Chair side resin bonding was used to build up the front two teeth. This was all done in one appointment without any injection or freezing. 

Before and During Treatment 

Dr. Kowsari’s patient started the Invisalign process with us. She was unhappy with the crowding and spacing, especially around the laterals. 

Three months into treatment and she has already received these amazing results. Unfortunately, the patient had to leave the country prior to the completion of her treatment. 


           Before Treatment                                             After Chair Side Bonding

Dr. Kowsari’s patient wanted to restore the chipping, the spacing and improve the coloring. 

He completed a whitening treatment first. Then Dr. Kowsari preformed chair-side direct resin bonding without any anesthesia. This Patient is proceeding with Invisalign treatment in the near future. 


                    Before Treatment                                      After Chair Side Bonding 

Our Patient requested to improve the grinding damages and shade of her teeth in preparation for Christmas. 

She was not interested in porcelain veneers or gingivectomy (leveling the height of the gums). Dr. Kowsari addressed the patients wish by providing chair-side resin bonding with no freezing. This Patient was very happy with her new improved smile!    


                       Before Treatment                                    After Chair Side Bonding 

Our Patient was unhappy with his discoloured and patchy fillings on the central incisors. 

Dr. Kowsari replaced both fillings. This procedure took around one hour without the need for freezing. 


                                                 Before Invisalign Treatment 

                    After Invisalign Treatment and Chair Side Bonding

“I don’t let people see my teeth when I smile”, something along the lines of what this patient said to us. This patient did not like the spaces, the chipped edges, and the colour of her teeth. The Patient and Dr. Kowsari decided to complete Invisalign treatment to align the teeth, correct the deep bite, and to distribute the spaces between the upper teeth. The Patient did not want veneers, so we performed freehand composite resin bonding on upper front teeth. No freezing, minimally invasive treatment, and one happy patient!


Immediately After and Before Photo 

Correcting the appearance of the yellow front tooth. Freehand composite resin bonding was performed on this young patient in less than 40 minutes without any local anesthesia. 

     Before Invisalign Treatment                      After Invisalign Treatment                      After Chair Side Bonding 

Our lovely patient had some specific chief concerns: to align and level the upper and lower front teeth, to correct the lower crowing, to close the dark spaces below the upper laterals and to not change her main smile features. 

Dr. Kowsari treated this patient for around 9 months with Invisalign Clear Braces. Patient’s wishes were met with the help of Invisalign Treatment, Dr. Kowsari’s guidance and expertise and the patient’s excellent compliance! 


              Before Treatment                       Immediately After Chair Side Bonding 

“I’m fed up with my front teeth. I want them fixed today and in one session.” 

Dr. Kowsari treated the tooth decay, discolouration, and broken surfaces by preforming freehand composite resin restoration (tooth bonding). Thank you for trusting us with your smile! 


                                Before and After Chair Side Bonding 

Composite Resin was performed on five teeth. Spaces and gaps were closed, teeth shapes and sizes were enhances, and the shade was improved. This patient was not interested in orthodontic treatment or porcelain veneers. 

The Patient was very happy with the final results. Thank you for trusting us with your smile!

Before and After Chair Side Bonding

Replaced four fractured, patchy, and discolored fillings with new composite resin bonding by Dr. Kowsari. 

Amazing patient! Thank you for trusting DLK Dental with your Smile!

                                                                                     Before and After Chair Side Bonding